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About james Mccoy

James hails from Russell, Kentucky, the progeny of the famous family that feuded. He began his musical career singing in the Methodist Church Choir. It wasn’t long until he took up an instrument, the euphonium, as a member of the 6th grade band.

It was from here that a love affair with the low-end of the spectrum began as he quickly switched to the tuba in 7th grade and went on to the electric bass a few years later, due, in large part, to the music of Stevie Wonder and an album called, “Hotter Than July”.


James began working professionally in high school and it was through this experience and the excellent musical instruction and encouragement he received there that lead to his decision to make playing the bass his career.

James is a mature musician who understands the role of the bass in any groove or musical context. He is a first call upright and electric bass player in South Florida. His experience and knowledge speak for themselves when you hear him play. He has also been a first call musical director for the Unity Church of Pompano Beach, Florida. As James has been quoted as saying, “There’s nothing better than playing in church.”


James also says, “…playing the bass is the best because it is a perfect marriage between the harmonic and rhythmic parts of any musical texture. The bass is the bottom of the harmony and the key that locks in the groove with the drums.”


James has recorded with Canadian Idol singer Kelly Ann Evans, American singer/songwriters Samantha Natalie, Karina Iglesias and Darrin Stafford, American Jazz saxophonist Greg Diaz, and is currently active recording and playing live throughout the S. Florida region.


James maintains an active role as Musical Director for several artists as well as a busy recording, playing, and producing role currently in S. Florida and abroad.  


James has been Minister of Music at Unity of Pompano since the church’s resuscitation in 2010.


Other performance credits include:

Oliver Jones

Ben Vereen

The Fifth Dimension

Bailando Desnudo

Dirty Work: A Tribute to the Music of Steely Dan

Jon Secada

Nicole Henry

Karina Iglesias

Samantha Natalie

Greg Diaz & the Art of Imagination Orchestra

James McCoy
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